The Cinemasochists

As someone who began his initiation into the world of trash cinema way back in the 1970’s by watching his local station”s Saturday Night Creature Features, and old-time local Saturday afternoon features, Nos has long had a love for the dark, the bizarre and ludicrous. Especially when it comes to cinema. The more outrageous, pain-inducing, and tortuous the feature was, the better. Giant bugs, Corman fails and amateur attempts, he loves them all.

A natural and long-time fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and the later RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic shows, Nos now has the crazy idea that now he too, can riff shorts, movies and other assorted noiseome material.

Coach Dozier:
You may think Coach suffers, but giant Japanese monsters, man-eating piles of carpet, and space shuttle trips to the Arizona desert uniquely fortified him. He adopted his manifesto with 1982’s “It Came From Hollywood.” This catalogue of cheese, schlock, process shots and foam rubber imprinted on Coach”s 4-year-old brain, and he found himself desperate for more. Fortunately, insomnia for an ‘80s child was easier because almost every channel filled their late hour time slots with these movies.

When Mystery Science Theater 3000 came along, he saw a celebration of the movies he loved and was happy to know he was not alone. Coach Dozier never turns away from the screen, and he intends to keep celebrating until the celluloid melts his last remaining brain cell.