American Women: Partners in Research

BREAKING! American businesses are lost!

Executive #1: “What do we make with this new plastic that we have invented?”

Executive #2: “Who will buy the products that we do make with it?”

Executive #3:” Can we put Justin Bieber's face on it and triple sales?”

Back in the early 1960's a near-Biblical revelation seemed to happen to American INDUSTRY! That being that the American woman and especially the American housewife, should actually be consulted when designing, marketing and selling products that they themselves would be buying in any case. Because for some unknown reason, the American woman was just not buying a what a roomful of bald men were thinking up as “perfect” products for the tome, in between their rounds of golf and rounds of blue steaks and martinis.

With ideas a rolling and and willing(?) housewives in tow, we find that, while you cannot argue logically with your wife, you can convince her that it was “her” idea to buy the newest fangled coffee percolater that Corning has just put out.

And speaking of the unexpected, Corning somehow convincing Chet Huntley to apply the hard sell to this short. Whether they were holding David Brinkely in the Unabomber's basement or not will never be known.




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