On Sale Now: The Monster Known as V.D.

Posted On January 20, 2014
The Monster Known as V.D.

Oh the horror! Two straight-laced kids who look like they just stepped out of a 1950’s Sears catalog, get just a little too close. And with a little help from cheap booze and their plaid-obsessed friends, they end up speaking the three little words that will spoil any date. No, it is not, “Sorry, I’m broke”. But “I have VD”. After ignoring problems “down there”... 

On Sale Now: Tuesday in November

Posted On November 6, 2012

Election Day. Heroin for political junkies. A Michael Moore-sized headache for the rest of the populace. Tired of those annoying political calls jamming up your cell phone? Up to your eyeballs with reams of dead trees being used to fill up your mailbox with donation begging mails from Candidate Spend-A-Shire? Sick of the endless attack ads interrupting your favorite soap opera or football game? Well,... 

On Sale Now: Halloween Safety 1985

Posted On October 18, 2012

Halloween. A kid’s dream come true. After all, is there anything cooler than dressing up in cool superhero costume, while getting free candy from the neighbors down the street? Of course not! But before you get all excited at all of that free loot you will be getting, be forewarned. The ever-present party poopers at Coronet are hard at work, working with Grinch-like precision at giving you PLENTY... 

On Sale Now: Discipline During Adolescence

Posted On August 17, 2012
Discipline During Adolescence

Adolescence. A time of trouble, turmoil, drama and trauma. Even back in the 1950’s, teens were staying out late, having late night Coke-jags and upsetting their parents by coming home late on school nights and leaving urine stains on the hallway carpet. What to do? Well, Mother thinks the best way to deal with such horrors is to do what most 21st century parents do, which is to ignore it and... 

On Sale Now: Family Life

Posted On June 6, 2012
Family Life

Family. Love them. Hate them. No getting away from them. While modern times have seemingly complicated what once semed to be a pretty ideal situation, this short makes clear that long ago times were not quite as easy as they are made out to be. For example, this family seemingly lives on a discarded Bozo the Clown set, while the youngest daughter creepily hangs out in her brother’s closet. Brother... 

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